Cell therapy

As the newest treatment method of our expanding regenerative medicine clinic, we extract regenerative cells from the patient’s adipose tissue and implant them by injections back into the body to cure the diseased locations. This treatment method is native and natural to the body, and it can be used for smoothing wrinkles, reparative or reconstructive breast plastics, or softening burn or trauma scars. The area of regenerative medicine is continuously expanding with the latest medical and scientific developments.

Based on current knowledge, skills, and medical technical equipment, our clinic is able to help patients with significant tissue defects that require additional material.

Furthermore, we can help patients whose skin has been damaged by burns or radiation.

We can help patients in need of breast augmentation by using the patient's own cells and adipose tissue either instead of or in addition to implants.

We use cell therapy to treat non-healing ulcers, also in cases where conventional treatments fail.

Our partners in cell therapy are the clinics and hospitals that implement similar methods in both Europe and the United States America. We also have industrial associates in Finland, the Netherlands and the United States of America.

Information and registration

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Appointments to see a vascular or a plastic surgeon can be made for every workday at the Reconstructive Surgery Clinic (Pärnu mnt. 104, Tallinn) located on the 3d floor of the Magdaleena Hospital.