The Hospital of Reconstructive Surgerywas founded at Keila Hospital initially under the name of Keila Cardiac Clinic in October 1993.

Due to focusing on reconstructive surgery the name was changed into Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery in October 11, 2004. Our services included then and include still mainly cardiovascular surgery to which reconstructive plastic surgery has been added.

In layman’s terms - we restore form and function, mainly regarding cardiovascular surgery. We can also restore internal and external defects caused by age or an accident, such as problems with breasts, obesity, varicose veins or traumatic injuries.

Approximately 20 000 patients have been treated in the Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery within our 10 years of operation. There are about 600 patients being treated in our hospital annually, in additon to over a thousand outpatients.

The Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery moved to the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn to the premises of the Magdaleena Hospital in October 2004. As a result, the number of our staff has grown and the working conditions have impoved significantly.

At present, our clinic includes a surgical ward with a total of 28 beds, an operations’ block with 5 operating rooms and an intensive care unit with 11 beds.

Information and registration

+372 679 0130

Appointments to see a vascular or a plastic surgeon can be made for every workday at the Reconstructive Surgery Clinic (Pärnu mnt. 104, Tallinn) located on the 3d floor of the Magdaleena Hospital.